Combine Numerous Disney Gift Cards Into One

Limitations of combine disney gift cards

combine disney gift cards

The biggest negative aspect to functioning this bargain is that you are left with multiple gift cards that are valued at $50 each (or even perhaps $100). This can be a little bit of a migraine when going through these cards off to a Disney phone agent to pay for your vacation I the moment remained on the phone and review off over fifty gift cards (reserving for a family members homecoming). The Disney representative was quite type as well as our team had a great laugh regarding it however it was actually a good piece of my afternoon that I’ll never return. One more drawback to several gift cards is actually must deliver them along with you to spend for dishes, mementos, and various other tasks. Once more I have devoted a ton of opportunity at my resort front end desk spending the holiday harmony I had actually acquired with my MagicBand … $fifty parts each time.

Worry not, there is actually great news! Disney right now supplies a technique to combine each one of your present card balances onto one memory card. I just lately mixed 5 of my gift cards right into one as well as I believed I would certainly stroll ya’ll through on just how to do it for yourselves.

Initial head over to If this is your very first time after that you will certainly require to register. Feel in one’s bones that this is actually a distinct log in coming from you Disney World internet site login.

How combine disney gift cards

disney gift cards

The moment you are actually ready up, you will need to have to enter in all of your Disney gift cards in to their body (up to 5 each time). Next increase to the best food selection as well as select the “Handle Cards” fall food selection, then choose the “My Cards” choice. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and begin entering your each of your card details.

The web site requests you to name each memory card that you go into in order that you can keep track of your cards simpler. Next off, you will need to have to scrape off the silver things on the back of your memory card to get the full Account Variety as well as the Safety Code. Likewise, recognize that you really need to have to go into the variety close to “Profile:” on the back of the card. Not the long strand of figures beneath bench code.

As you enter the memory card information you will observe each of your gift cards listed on the right-hand man component of your monitor. It is going to reveal the final 4 digits of each of your cards as well as the balance of each memory card.

It’s at this factor where you can designate which memory card will certainly be your “main memory card”. To put it simply, which memory card you prefer all the various other worths to become moved to. If you feel like me you’ll need to have to create on the memory card along with a Con artist to help you bear in mind which one you decided on.

Transmission Equilibrium for disney gift cards

Visit among your “secondary” memory cards and click the “Transactions Equilibrium” button. A brand new monitor will definitely pop up double monitoring that you intend to transfer the balance from your indirect memory card to your key. As soon as you acknowledge, click the “Transmission Equilibrium” button once again.

After that you will get a verification display to present you the brand new harmonies of both of these cards. You are going to then have the capacity to relocate through the rest of your memory cards and also transfer them to the primary memory card at the same time. Only keep in mind that your key card may only delay to a $1000 optimum harmony.

Physical card storage after combine disney gift cards

Here is some additional relevant information. You may certainly not transfer partial harmonies. It’s the total equilibrium or nothing.
Likewise, just because you have saved your card facts on the Disney website you are going to still require the bodily card to make investments. Do not throw your memory card away !!! This section of the gift card site is used for monitoring and transferring equilibriums just.

You can simply store up to 5 memory cards at once on the website. So if you possess greater than 5 memory card equilibriums to become transferred, at that point you are going to need to carry out this process in sets.

The moment the balances are actually transferred you can delete the zero balanced cards off the site and also meet 4 even more (the 5th place will keep your main memory card where your harmonies are being actually transferred to).